The Culture

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Former site of Prologis Office at 505 Montgomery Street

Prologis Moves to 505 Montgomery Street

Prologis, then known as AMB Property Corporation, moved to 505 Montgomery Street in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. This traditional office space, originally law offices for Brobeck, Phleger …

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Move from 505 Montgomery Street

Hamid Moghadam, Prologis, CEO, wanted to change the workplace parameters and style of Prologis’ office configuration and layout in order to achieve a more collaborative, efficient office environment. Luis Belmonte, Project Principal, …

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Pier 1 Proposed Elevations

Prologis/SWWM Team Produces Competition Entry — [13 Images]

Four teams submitted and the Prologis/SMWM team was selected to partner with the Port. This was the first Public-Private Partnership undertaken by the Port and set both the tone and process for the re-purposing of subsequent historic San Francisco finger piers.

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Being on the Waterfront

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Workplace Development

SMWM/Perkins+Will began its workplace study engagement with Prologis.  Drawing on key workspace precedents, ranging from the Alcoa headquarters in Pittsburgh to the Chiat/Day headquarters in Los Angeles, Prologis began the …

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Pier 1 Section

Workplace Design Engagement (1999 – 2001)

The workplace design team, with input by Prologis CEO Hamid R. Moghadam , workplace consultant Fritz Steele and design firm SMWM establish basic Workplace Design.

These included a more engaged workforce, willing to work in a more collaborative fashion across disciplines and break down departmental silos. The objectives also aimed to create an atmosphere that inspired creativity and more opportunities for ad hoc interactions. The plan included spaces for staff to find private places to think and do focused work, as well as space for staff to collaborate in various sized teams, gather socially, and host large events.

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Effect on the Company Culture

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Mezzanine Added

Mezzanine section is added to the Pier 1 workplace.

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Prologis’ continues to improve the sustainability of Pier 1.  In 2013 it began an energy-efficiency overhaul that will reduce grid energy consumption by 32 percent. Prologis undertook this project to …

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Move to Open-Office Plan

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Pier 1 Interior

Renovation Completed, Prologis Moves In — [26 Images]

Prologis moved into its new headquarters, as did the Port of San Francisco and several notable tenants, including the venture capital firm of Weston Presidio and the Venture Law Group. 2000: The final workplace goals for the Pier 1 Project are articulated to drive the design.

These primary goals were to create a highly effective new work environment for Prologis in San Francisco. The workspace would be a testing ground for new concepts such as ways of using space and other resources efficiently: a workplace for the future. This combination of special building and unique location transformed the way Prologis works.

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ULI Award

Pier 1 Honored with Awards

Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence – Best Rehabilitation 2001 San Francisco Business Times Real Estate Deals of the Year – Best Rehabilitation/Renovation 2001 Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Outstanding …

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A New Era

“The rehabilitation of the Pier 1 bulkhead and shed was a historic moment for the Port and the City of San Francisco. The remarkable preservation and transformation of a cargo shipping pier into the Port’s headquarters has been recognized with numerous architectural and preservation design awards, and has allowed the public to learn about and appreciate San Francisco’s maritime history.”

Monique Moyer
Executive Director
Port of San Francisco

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