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Pier 1 Team Selected

Working with Prologis, SMWM selected a team of design and technical consultants to work together on this pioneering project:

  • Structural Engineers—Rutherford and Chekene (Rich Niewiarowski, Alan Kren)
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers—Flack and Kurtz (Reg Monteyne, Allan Montpellier)
  • Historic Consultant—Page and Turnbull  (Jay Turnbull)
  • Graphic Design—Debra Nichols
  • Workplace Guru—Fritz Steele
  • Marine Engineer—Moffatt and Nichols (Bo Jensen)
  • Underwater Engineer—Power Engineering
  • General Contractor—Nibbi Brothers (Larry Nibbi, Joe Mazetti)
  • Construction Manager—Nick Sica
  • Land Use Attorney—Shepherd Mullin (Bob Thompson)
  • BCDC Attorney—Mike Wilmar
  • Architect of Record, Port Offices—Tom Eliot Fisch (Doug Tom)
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