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Pier 1 Today

Pier 1′s uses today:

  • 2001-2003 New Pier 1 Waterfront conference rooms used as the Port Commission Hearing Room by the Port while the Ferry Building was being completed
  • 2002 National American Institute of Architects has special meeting at Pier 1 and the Ferry Building to celebrate the future opening of the Ferry Building
  • 2010 Foundation for San Francisco’s Architectural Heritage lecture series
  • 2012 SF Giants hold Mission Rock project public meeting # 1
  • 2001-Present Workshops, seminars, planning sessions by the Port, various other government agencies and community groups (SPUR, SF Architectural Heritage, SF Planning Department, etc.)
  • 2001-Present Formal hearings/public meetings held by various state & local agencies/commissions, including the Port Commission and BCDC
  • 2001-Present  Maritime conferences
  • 2001-Present  City-wide safety drills for emergency workers
  • 2001-Present Voting polling place for the neighborhood
  • 2001-Present Visiting delegations from Ireland, China, elsewhere
  • 2001-Present CWAG (Central Waterfront Advisory Group) Monthly meetings w/ Treasure Island, Pier 70 update presentations, Crane Cove Park updates, Mission Rock updates, etc.
  • 2001-Present SWAG: (Southern Waterfront Advisory Group): Bi-monthly meetings
  • 2001-Present   Meetings of neighborhood organizations
  • 2007-2011 intermittent TIDA (Treasure Island Development Authority): TI-YBI updates
  • 2012-Present Pier 30-32 CAC (Community Advisory Committee) meetings monthly since fall 2012
  • 2013-April: 150th anniversary of the Port of San Francisco.
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