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  • Aerial View of the Waterfront
  • he Thriving Waterfront
  • Present Day Ferry Building
  • Pier 1, the Ferry Building, and the City's Waterfront
  • Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
  • The Ferry Building Farmers Market filled with shoppers along the Embarcadero
  • The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market along the Embarcadero

The City and the Waterfront Reconnected (1990 – 1993) — [7 Images]

After detailed engineering analysis and a public outcry spearheaded by the San Francisco design community, the decision was made to demolish the double-decker elevated highway.  Suddenly San Francisco and its waterfront had the chance to be reconnected, and the piers adjacent to the Ferry Building offered seemingly unlimited development opportunities.

Alice Waters, Warren Weber, Sibella Kraus, Tom Sargent, and Joe Weiner, with a group of food lovers and farmers, opened the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in the two-acre parking lot where the freeway had once stood. Throngs of shoppers came every Saturday morning to this location to buy fresh local produce and prepared artisanal food. The overwhelming success of this market was instrumental in the Pier 1 story.

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