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Workplace Design Engagement (1999 – 2001)

The workplace design team, with input by Prologis CEO Hamid Moghadam, workplace consultant Fritz Steele and design firm SMWM/Perkins+Will established the basic workplace design.

This included a more engaged workforce, willing to work in a more collaborative fashion across disciplines and break down departmental silos. The objectives also aimed to create an atmosphere that inspired creativity and more opportunities for ad hoc interactions. The plan included spaces for to find private places to think and do focused work, as well as space for staff to collaborate in various sized teams, gather socially, and host large events.

With these objectives and having a public design emphasis, the design firm conducted a robust study of acoustics that strongly considered the open office environment, spaces to enhance health and reduce stress, and a place that allowed staff to develop connection and community.

Notable design features that came from workplace research and staff engagement were:

  • Unblocked views, allowing greater group awareness
  • An open-office setting that was based on how people actually work, not status
  • A wide variety of support spaces for staff to use, ranging from conference rooms of varying sizes, phone booths for making private calls, work areas for visitors to the workspace, as well as spaces for people to socialize, such as the library/café.
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